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“Thomas and Community Circus were great. Thomas used to be a performer in Europe and he brings amazing knowledge on how to entertain a crowd. They made things really fun for the kids and that rubbed off onto the staff as well. Even though I had never used circus props before I caught on quickly and was able to teach the participants. Riding the unicycle and spinning plates on a stick was old school cool. I liked setting up for big events as well. Everyone is running around making sure all is just right. And when a group comes through and has a great time it is very rewarding. These guys are  an important part of this community and have won awards for what they do. It was really a privilege to learn from them and meet so many kids from the area.” 


- Isabelle B, Fall 2017


One of our favorite youth programs uses circus props for team building among students. Unicycles, juggling balls, spinning plates—our interns help train participants and build community in the process. The Director was a circus star in Europe before starting his operation. Over the years, he has become a fixture in the community and a favorite among kids. 

Your job duties include setting up the space for students. This will include making sure all the props are in good working order. You will attend staff meetings in the morning in preparation for the arrival of the day’s groups. At least one day a week, you can help in the office with marketing materials and event planning.  It’s a diverse set of responsibilities that will keep you not only on your feet, but on your toes as well.

Child Daycare

Past interns have also worked in traditional daycare settings. They are assigned to work with 3-6-year-olds to facilitate all aspects of the student’s day. Kids move through different stations throughout the day. There is an art station where they paint and do handicrafts; a play area where they can build sandcastles and play tag; a clothes station where they can dress up and try on new things. It’s a high energy environment that allows you to meet the kids that make up the community.


Past interns have created reading programs and tailored them to the needs of the children. Help plan field trips and supervise children on the excursions.


We encourage host organizations to give our interns the ability to create and share their areas of expertise. You will be challenged to come up with some of your own original ideas on how to best help the children.

Skills and Attributes
  • Willingness to accept and implement philosophy of giving.

  • Ability and skill in communicating with people or different cultures.

  • Ability to write and speak clearly.

  • Skill in relating to a wide range of people and situations: youth, parent, agency workers, police.

  • Sound judgment, dependability, initiate understanding, firmness, caring, organization.

  • Ability to work under conditions of stress and change.

  • Available to maintain a flexible work schedule.

  • Willing to take on job responsibilities outside job description, if need arises.

School Bus & Children

Transporting of children/adolescents to sponsored activities on site or throughout the city

Teacher & Student

Implementing after school reading program.

Little Girl in a Restaurant

Meal Preparation


Kids Playing Soccer

Supervising athletic activities.

Running Children

Recreational activities at the facility or on a group outing.

Nursery School

Assist in classroom management

Group Meeting

Participation in informal group sessions with resident.

Professional Woman

Assisting with administrative and office duties when requested.