Virtual Reality


The coolest part of working at the Virtual Reality Studio is the amount of responsibility I am given. From Day One they trained me to be a Game Master. I do the same job that the owner of the company does. First I introduce clients to the rules of the game and how the equipment works. Then comes the neat part. I monitor the mainframe computer when the participants are playing. On my screen, I see what the players see. If the players are on Mars and they can’t find a tool they need, I give them a hint. My job is to keep the game moving along and allow the players to feel challenge, but give tips when they are frustrated.” 


-Henry D.,Winter 2018

VR Headset
Introduce clients to rules of the game
Two Businessmen
Appointment setting
Virtual Reality Goggles
Get clients outfitted
Social network concept
Create marketing materials
Virtual Reality Game
Monitor games on the mainframe
vr-glasses (1).png
Clean the equipment

Our Virtual Reality internship is one of our student favorites. Located in the heart of the Sydney, the studio consists of nine rooms with high-tech equipment linking players. With a goggles and voice command, players are transported into other-worldly settings. Their mission may be to repair a space module on Mars or be whisked off to some other fantastic location. The owner trains our clients on how to greet incoming guests and explain the rules of the game. Next, they are strapped into their goggles and the fun begins.


Working alongside the owner, you will wear many hats. In between clients you will assist with marketing. This may entail approaching local businesses to see if they want to have a day for their employees. Cleaning the equipment after each use is important. This is a job with a high degree of responsibility and requires initiative and an interest in gaming and computers.