The Arts



Tattoo / Art Studio

Here’s a question? Where to place a student with amazing drawing skills who wants an internship where he can sketch? Our staff put all our collective heads together and the weirdest internship idea in years popped up: tattoo parlor. We crossed-out the biker havens and landed a straight-laced gallery full of artists who treat their workshop like an art museum. Our Down Under student was thrilled and his tattoo designs are still on display.

A more pedestrian option we uncovered was an inner-city art studio where painters and sketch artists ply their crafts. Our student completed both internships: one with the art studio, and the second with the tattoo parlor.

tattoo studio.jpg
Setup shop
Create sketches
Designer in Studio
Appointment setting
Business Research
Serve as manager's assistant
Sound Studio

For the artistic of ear, Down Under has contacts with a sound studio. Top talent uses this studio to finish albums, create soundtracks for movies and videogames, and to jam with other musicians. You will assist individual artists setting up the equipment, mixing, and monitoring the recording sessions. If you play an instrument or DJ, etc., you will have your own recording space to create your masterpiece.


Dance Studio

In addition to the wild and the weird, more traditional options include a dance studio where 8-80’s practice the latest (and oldest) dance moves. Down Under students work with the younger of the two and assist on form, balance, and execution. In addition to on-the-floor help, they help staff setting up the dancehall, marketing, and public relations.


Stage Curtains
Prepare the dance floor
Young Ballet Class
Tutor young dancers
Woman on Computer
Marketing / PR
Business Research
Assist the manager
Music Recording Studio
Set up studio
DJ in Party
Audio mixing
Popular DJ
Oversee sessions
Music Studio
Create your own recording
max lindenbaum (1).jpg

“I compose my own music and really wanted to work in a sound studio to learn more about the craft. IGS helped locate one of the premier sound editing studios in Sydney. Top artists from around the county come here to create musical scores for movies, documentaries, commercials and their own private gigs. They got me my own studio space to work on my sound. And, I am able to assist other producers on some really exciting projects. Learning on the latest equipment and seeing how professionals organize their music will really help me for the future. The director of the studio even had me and my cousin over for dinner. These guys are real pros.” 

- Max L., Fall 2018