Not all internships are perfect matches. Here are some examples:

"My supervisor makes me nervous. She is very demanding. I don’t think I can work in this kind of stressful environment. I know I was late the first day and I apologized, but she was not very understanding. I just don’t feel like I can work  well with this person.”

“Working with the mentally challenged people in Auckland was amazing. The facility was very organized and I liked the staff. But, this new facility in Sydney is not as nice as what I experienced in Auckland. It’s more depressing than I  thought it would be and I am not sure I want to stay with this organization.”


"My internship is kind of boring. We go to the schools to give presentations with the staff but that’s it’s just not something I am that into. I would prefer to be doing something other than going to the schools. I should have chosen the  working with dogs internship instead. That would be more interesting to me than this one.”