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“Working with the premier netball facility in the country was a immersion into a first rate organization. Netball is like basketball but you don’t dribble the ball. It’s more of a passing game. It’s huge down here and we could have over a thousand people playing on the many courts we managed. I assisted the Marketing Director with a plan to increase our sponsorships with local businesses. I really enjoyed meeting local people in the community. I am going to major in economics and know a lot about analyzing companies so they trusted me to look at their books and make suggestions. I found a way for them to increase revenues by managing their massive parking lot differently. It was great that they trusted me enough to go over their internal documents and help them.”


- Will R, Winter 2017

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Sports marketing has been a highlight of our program. We have partnered with championship-level rugby clubs, premier soccer teams, professional hockey, and even baseball teams.

Our placements are hands-on and allow students to do a variety of job duties. Some of the teams even allow students to serve as a coach’s assistant to get to know the team members and who they will market up close and personal. Splitting time between the office and the field has resulted in great reviews from participants.

Interacting with team members and the public will help you create “hype” and generate interest both in the club in general and specific matches in particular.

Marketing to different socio-economic groups is an important lesson. Strategies to fill the high-roller boxes are different than putting bodies in the nosebleeds. You will have exposure to all levels of strategy and learn from experts the techniques used to achieve both goals.

For the professional soccer club, our students attend matches, write blogs about the players, create a social media presence, and polish the brochures. The club we work with has a professional team on down to traveling kid’s teams.

Our hockey internships are with two of the best teams in Australia. Attend a match with the Vice President of the Club and get to know the players one-on-one. Next, work with the staff to promote the team within the community. Help them come up with promotional events that will bring people into the stands.

For our rugby club placement, students engage with players, take photos, video, and cover their daily grind. They edit that material to create a social media presence for the team.

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