Restaurant Work


“The staff at the café I worked were amazing! The owner was also the chef and had quite a following in the neighborhood. We had a lot of repeat customers who were loyal to the restaurant. They let me apprentice with the chef and prepare daily specials. I learned a lot about recipes and the preparation that goes into this level of cooking. I also got to work the floor and try my hand at being a barista. It was great fun and some hard work.”


- Luke O., Winter 2017

Restaurant Work

Our restaurant options in Sydney and Auckland are chosen for their size and the opportunities they provide students. We have a specialty café in a upscale neighborhood in Sydney that has been a real favorite. Past housing has allowed students to walk to this option from their houses. The owner takes great pride in his daily creations and his fanbase on Facebook attest that he is a neighborhood celebrity.


Working alongside the chef and local staff provides insight into not only restaurant business, but also the local community. Regulars frequent the café, especially on Sundays where their breakfasts are renowned throughout the city.


We have both students who aspire to go into the restaurant business as well as those who just want to try something different and be on their feet for the internship. It’s a great way to meet local residents and get to know a community that rallies around the place.

Assist the chef prepare specialty dishes
Help open the restaurant
Barista Duties
Help end of the clean up