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1777 Church Street NW
Washington, DC 20036 USA

Fall 2019


Sep. 25 - Nov. 5


Nov. 6 - Dec. 20

Winter 2020


Jan. 5 -  Feb. 17


Feb 18 - Apr. 1

Spring 2020


April 2 - May 13

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Will R.

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

“Working with the premier netball facility in the country was a immersion into a first rate organization. Netball is like basketball but you don’t dribble the ball. It’s more of a passing game. It’s huge down here and we could have over a thousand people playing on the many courts we managed. I assisted the Marketing Director with a plan to increase our sponsorships with local businesses. I really enjoyed meeting local people in the community. I am going to major in economics and know a lot about analyzing companies so they trusted me to look at their books and make suggestions. I found a way for them to increase revenues by managing their massive parking lot differently. It was great that they trusted me enough to go over their internal documents and help them.”