Piha Beach, Fall 2018

Hello Moms and Dads!

A chunk of our crew booked a flight, or took a long bus ride up to the Bay of Islands last weekend. Mason is putting together an update on that trip that I will share with you shortly.

Their Piha Beach day followed the trend of past programs and proved to be the best reviewed day of the orientation. Jafa Dave—one of Auckland’s most beloved guides—led them to the black sands of Karekare Beach and the misty seascapes of Piha. Using his knowledge of the tides, Dave timed his arrival so our crew could explore the remote corners of these famed beaches.

Piha Beach has a long and proud history for the New Zealand lifeguard corps. They train in the breaking swells and compete not only with their peers, but generations past. Black and white photos of hearty men in one-piece suits paint a picture of the hidden dangers the beach has always posed.

The black sands of Karekare sparked a lot of interest. Found in areas of recent volcanic activity, black sand results from fresh basaltic lava flows weathered by sea, sun, and rain. It’s usually a toss-up as to which beach is the favorite; but this bunch ended up as Piha admirers owing to expansive coastline and the allure of crossing freshwater rivers winding into the sea.

Jafa Dave has a trip to Hobbiton and the Glow Worm Caves scheduled for December 1. The trip covers a lot of territory and showcases volcanic landscapes and the postcard images of sheep ranches. We are encouraging them to join him on this outing.

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