Natasha S.

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

"Hi Guys! I’m Natasha from New York. I am on my Gap Year with Interim Programs and they introduced me to Dr. David Adams and the Institute for Global Studies. I just spent a month interning for IGS in Sydney. It fell into place perfectly as I always dreamed of living in Sydney and IGS had a research position for their Intern Down Under program. worked directly with David to set up a really cool places to see list for future Intern Down Under participants like yourself. My background is in advertising and design and interning with IGS allowed me to apply my skills while fulfilling my Australia dream. I learned some amazing history during my research. And, the best part was getting out to see the sites! Inspired by what I saw, I organized my impressions to help you get an idea of all that you can explore while here. Sydney is a place unlike any other: full of unique suburbs, quirky city blocks, and truly diverse natural environments! One day I started my research surrounded by skyscrapers and ten minutes later I was on a white sand beach! My Sydney experience with IGS was wonderful and Intern Down Under is going to be a blast! "

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