Auckland Itinerary, Fall 2018

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Hello Moms and Dads,

We just completed our Friday check-in with students an hour ago. Several have headed out of the city for their last weekend so we caught up with the folks who were left. This Thursday, we transition from Sydney to Auckland. They will thank me in the morning for not booking them on an early flight and curse me at midnight when we are tossing bags and tired bodies into the van at the Auckland airport.

One of the great parts of this program is these guys get to rub shoulders with folks who really know their cities. Siobhan O’Grady and Dave Jordan are the Auckland-based contacts. For weekly check-ins, Siobhan will take the lead and Dave will stop by to suggest travel tips.

Per the acceptance materials and pre-trip update letters, I am in Auckland with the students until Nov. 7 and then fly to the Gap Year Conference in Orlando. I will be doing my own weekly check-ins with them via email, Skype and phone. Siobhan O’Grady Dave Jordan

Siobhan O’Grady has her master’s degree in International Development. She has worked for Conservation Volunteer’s Auckland office ( as the Corporate Partnerships manager the past four years. Siobhan has supervised students both in the office and the field and has an excellent knowledge of New Zealand’s unique history and natural areas. One of our Down Under students completed an internship under Siobhan at Conservation Volunteers and gave their office and crew rave reviews. Prior to her arrival to Auckland, Siobhan worked in international education in Asia and the Pacific. <>

Dave Jordan has a degree in linguistics and is an instructor at the Auckland Institute of Studies. In addition to his reputation as a educator, Dave runs Jafa Dave Tour Company. He is recognized as one of Auckland’s most accomplished field guides. Dave has been a favorite among students over the past programs for his Piha Beach and Hobbiton trips. For Piha, Dave times his arrivals with the tides and shows students remote corners of the coastline unseen by the casual tourist. <>

Mailing Address for Auckland. No signature required is better:

Siobhan O’Grady (Hold for Student Name) 29 Allendale Road, Mt. Albert, Auckland 1025.

November 1

10:00am Check out of Apartments (we will store your bags)

3:30pm Depart for Airport

12:30am Check into Auckland Apartments

November 2

9:30am-11:45 Visit Internship Hosts

12:00pm Depart for Auckland Domain

12:30pm Maori Exhibition

1:00pm Museum tour

2:00pm Lunch

2:45pm Ultimate Frisbee

2:00pm Lunch

2:45pm Ultimate Frisbee

3:30pm Tour of the Grounds

4:15pm Depart for Mission Bay

7:00pm Return to Auckland

November 3

10:00am Depart for Piha Beach

2:00pm Transit to Kare Kare Beach

5:30pm return to Auckland

November 4

10:00am Depart to Arataki Visitor’s Center

10:45am Brunch

11:45am Intro to Arataki National Park

1:00pm Nature hike

3:30pm Depart for Takapuna

6:30pm return to Auckland

November 5

9:00am-5pm Meet with internship hosts and practice commutes

November 6-9 Attend Internships

November 10 11:00am Depart for Mt. Eden

1:00pm Lunch

2:00pm Depart for Rangitoto Island

4:30pm Depart for Birkenhead

6:30pm Return to Auckland