Film Assistance
Photography Studio

Photography Studio

If you’re not shy rubbing shoulders with international models, we have just the place. We partnered with the leading studio in the city to allow interns an up close and personal glimpse into the world of light and lens. A renowned orchestra, or a family of four, you will assist the pros capture their best sides.

Your job will be to serve as the manager’s assistant. Duties will be varied and fast-paced. One day you may set up the studio for a shoot. The next you may edit photographs and post them online for a client. Your skillset will determine the scope of what you are asked to do. If you are talented with a camera, you have a chance to film clients.


The studio specializes in creating portfolios for clients. Some are old-fashioned flip-the-page offerings that aspiring models show talent agents; others are of the electronic variety and serve as a personal page to showcase talent.

The studio has a full marketing department. You will likewise assist with their social media accounts and generating interest for their services. Promoting the studio may include an email marketing campaign or calling local businesses. Helping in all aspects of the studio is key to this position.

Photoshoot Setup
Preparing Studio for Shoots
Wedding Photo Album
Creating Portfolios for Clients
film set
Behind the Camera Work
Two Businessmen
Social network concept
Social Media Updating
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“Working at The Photography Studio in Sydney was a dream come true. They are true professionals from start to finish. Once I saw how much I could learn and the responsibilities they placed in me I asked to increase my hours and actually changed my flight so I could stay another month and a half. I got to work with award winning photographers and assisted on all aspects of their work.”

- Sarah V., Winter 2018

Film Assistance



If Our second featured placement is with a leading video/photography camera rental company. When Hollywood lands to shoot a movie Down Under, securing the latest and greatest equipment may be high on their list. Their selection includes $50,000+ cameras. The staff are truly videophiles: they live for the industry and rattle off jargon like a foreigner speaking his own tongue.

Their studio hosts freelance photographers, modeling agencies, and high-profile directors.

Studio Shoot
Preparing Studio for Shoots
Photo Equipment
Retrieve the equipment from the warehouse
Duffle Bag
Package camera equipment for the field
Camera Lighting
Arrange lighting and tripods
Website on Laptop
Upload materials online
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“I was the second Down Under Tom to work with them so they called me Texas Tom. These guys are really a fun group to work with. This is not just their job but their passion. I had a chance to help set up the studio when companies booked the space to film commercials. Also, I learned about all the latest equipment to check in and out to their clients. These guys work with some of the top film crews in the world so being around that really inspired me.“

- Thomas S., Winter 2018