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It was always a dream of mine to work overseas in finance. Coming to Sydney and working with one of the leading financial planners was amazing. I learned so much about the mortgage industry and how to generate new business and clients. I worked side-by-side with the owner of the company and attended important meetings in the field. It could not have been better.”​ 


Will Stewart, Fall 2017

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Analyze financial trends
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Input clients information into database
In a Meeting
Attend meetings
Creative Meeting
Expand market territory
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Create reports

Our finance internships in Sydney and Auckland feature top firms that are leaders in their fields. We work with small firms that provide our students a great deal of hands-on work, high-responsibility work. The goal is that when they are finished they will have a general idea of what it would take to start their own small business in this field should they choose to do so.


Job duties are varied but include analyzing financial data to determine the best course of action for the company and its clients. This may entail a review of the mortgage industry, interest rates, long and short-term projections etc.


Accompanying the staff in meetings and going into the field to speak with clients is an important part of the learning process. You will see how clients are handled from start to finish and learn what people are looking for out of a financial advisor.


In addition to working with a pure financial advisor, we have placements with larger organizations that need help with their own finances. In Auckland we work with the main office of the premier rugby league. They have a financial officer on staff and need student help. This is a great way to get exposure to both finance and marketing. Meeting the players and seeing how the league run from a financial perspective is a great opportunity. Plus, meeting the players and learning about a new sport is what overseas immersion is all about.