Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How many students go on the semester?

11-16 is the average

If I don't see my preferred internship on the list can you create it for me?

Yes. We can discuss your preference and tell you if we think we can set it up or not. Custom Internship

Can I start with one country and then decide if I want to continue once I am there?

Possibly. We do that on a case by case basis.

How long does it take for you to confirm an internship once I pay the deposit?

If we have worked with the host before it does not take long. If it is a new internship we request more time.

How old is the average student?

Most students are 18-20 years old. Most are 19.

What is the weather like?

We time the trips to avoid winter in both locations. Our fall program (their spring) has temps 65-75 is the normal high and 55-60 the low. Our winter program (their summer) is hotter 75-90 for highs and 65-75 for lows.

How much should I budget for the trip?

We do not provide a set amount as everyone is different. Plan on things costing about 15% more in both countries vs. the U.S. Pricing Info

Are their any dangers to be aware of?

These two cities are safer than most U.S. cities. We worry more about sunburn and cold viruses as the main issues to deal with.

Do you have a former student I can speak with?

Yes. We can connect you with past participants.

How do I know what my job duties will be?

We provide you and overview and you are welcome to call or email the internship host and discuss them in more detail.

Can I arrive early or late to the program?

Yes. If you come early we may be able to help you move into your apartment before the course if it is available. If you come late, we can still accept you depending on how many days after the program starts.

How do phones work?

You can either set up your home network for roaming or buy a sim card in-country when you arrive. $25usd per month get's you about 10gb of data.

How do students handle their food?

Most will cook in their houses individually or as a group. And sometimes they eat out. We let you choose how to arrange your cooking.

Housing & Transportation

What kind of housing do you use?

We rent apartments on a short term basis for the program.

How do I get to my internship?

We provide a bus/train pass for you to use. Some students have chosen to Uber to their internships at their own cost.

How long is the commute?

Some internships are in walking distance. Others may take up to a hour. On average, most students get to their internships within 30 mins.

How close are the apartments to each other?

In Auckland, they are within a mile of each other. In Sydney, they are within 3 miles of each other. Often we have apartments within walking distance.

Can I choose my roommates?

We work together to help pair you with people of similar interests.

Do roommates usually get along?

Yes, Most of the times we get the pairings right. On occasion there may be some friction that we work through.

Is getting my own private room a good idea?

It can be. It costs $1800 per country to upgrade and is based on availability. But it does ensure you a comfortable living space.

Supervision / Orientation

How does the supervision work?

Dr. David Adams is on site during the two orientations and you will see him and his staff. After the five day orientation, then IGS staff do the check-ins and Dr Adams is available by email, phone and Skype or in-person if he is nearby.

Do we have to go on all the orientation trips?

No. Most people go to all of them but they are optional.

How important is group building and dynamics on this course?

During the orientation we encourage group cohesion and learning about each other. After that, we turn that over to you. We do not force people to get along or spend time together. It is more independent than other Gap Programs.

How often do you meet with the interns?

After the orientation, our staff typically meets with the students around twice a week.

What is the alcohol policy?

You can drink in public establishments but not in our program housing.

What are the main issues that could get a student removed from the program?

Not calling their internship host to let them know they will be absent and bringing alcohol into the apartments are two of the main rules.

Do you set up weekend events or travel for students?

We provide suggestions on where to go and alert people to events. If two or more want to leave the city and want our help, one of our staff members can drive them and serve as a guide for a fee.

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