Digital Marketing

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“I wanted a professional internship in the marketing field and they found the perfect match. What a great office right in the heart of the city with a view of the park and high rises. The best part is the job duties they assign. I get to meet their clients and sit in when they develop their marketing plans for them. I then assist with creating a social media presence for the client and as well some graphic work. If they are doing a google ads campaign I help with those submissions as well. They have offices around the world so it is neat being with an international firm.”

- Nick Giordano, Fall 2018

Our digital marketing internship is with a top international firm in the heart of the city. When a client comes in for a preliminary meeting, our students sit in and take notes. The firm effectively becomes the marketing department for the small to mid-size businesses that hire them.

Once hired, you work with a director to create a blueprint for the client. You may decide to redesign a website, institute SEO, do a direct mail campaign, or use social media platforms to place targeted ads. You help this blueprint come into being through steady interaction with your manager and learning the tricks of the trade.

Past students with graphic design skills have helped create brochures and design webpages for clients. Others with a general background have worked on pay-per-click advertising, online sponsorships, locating paid guest blogs, instituting marketing automation and scraping. Wherever the cutting edge is, your job is to help your director navigate it.

The importance of Product, Price, Promotion and Place will be paramount to the intern’s understanding of operating a successful marketing campaign. The other four P’s include: Planning, Packaging, Positioning and Perception. By the end of your internship you will have a new appreciation for marketing in the digital world and a newfound appreciation for the letter P!  Your ability to interact with team members and the public will be key to the success of your internship.

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Web Design & SEO
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