Custom Internship

Custom placements are considered on a case by case basis and are a great way to match your finely-tuned skills to a specific employer in Auckland or Sydney.



In the online application under Letter of Intent write a few paragraphs describing: internship topic(s) that you are willing to accept. State both your ideal placement: for example: Dance School for Children, Aukland, NZ. Also include a more general placement that you would be willing to accept if that is the case: Dance Schools in general.

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Whatever you list in your description must be something that you are willing to accept if we find it so only put down what you would be happy doing. We always start with the most specific before moving to a broader descriptions if necessary.

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We will tell you at the outset if we think your most specific request or general requests are doable projects. We will give you other options in similar fields to consider before you finalize your statement.

I'd like my internship to include...

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  • Dance theory

  • Hands on work with children

  • Performance planning

  • Close interaction with the community

  • Community activities

I hope to learn...

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  1. How to teach dance

  2. Local cultural practices that effect dance

  3. How the business side is run

  4. What aspects of teaching I enjoy most

  5. What age group I am most comfortable with