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“It was neat working with a nearly all-female staff of professionals. They gave me a nice choice of job duties doing event planning, working in their herb garden, and assisting in stream conservation. I really appreciated their mission of helping to educate the community and to conserve the fragile freshwater ecosystems in the mountains above Auckland. They were super helpful and I am really glad I chose this internship.”


- Lauren Johnson, Winter 2018

Environmental Advocacy

Just outside the city are wild and wonderful state and national parks. Many are within an hour’s drive. Iconic animals including kangaroos and wallabies call these preserves home. Interning in environmental advocacy brings you to the front lines of preservation.

One of our partners allows you to combine community outreach and stream conservation. Office duties include developing curriculum for schools, updating social media accounts, preparing educational displays, and seeking donations.

Field work includes weekend trips to the mountains and the freshwater streams they protect. Work side-by-side volunteers and scientists to cultivate habitat that allows wildlife and wild waters to flourish. Remove invasive species, plant native seeds, check the PH level of the water, identify native fish populations: all in a day’s work.

Interns help take photos of the work being done and blogging for the website. This helps to promote interest in the community for the conservation effort and generates donations and more volunteers. Updating their Facebook and Instagram accounts helps keep them current.


A nearly all-female staff, these are inspirational leaders in the community. The office environment is supportive and fun with morning meetings to set the goals for each day. The staff overseas an herb garden and gift shop that the nearby community frequents. Have your lunch near the garden and take in the healing vibes of a community that cares.

Stream Conservation
Community Outreach
Social Media Updating
Curriculum Development