Animal Care

“Working with Jasmine and her staff at the Dog Daycare was great. They are super friendly and supportive. The location was right in the heart of a really cool suburb with tons of restaurants to sample. They had me walk the dogs twice a day and oversee the “pack” upstairs. My job was to keep them under control and to settle down the dogs if they got too excited. As a dog owner this was right up my alley. Just being around that many different breeds you get to learn a lot about how they are similar and different."


- Eli S., Winter 2018

Animal Meal/ Cage Preparation

Rehabilitation of Animals

Animal Welfare

Introducing Animals to Public

Walking Animals

Animal Intake and Release

Prep of Animals

Record Keeping

Consultations with Vets

Maintaining Animal Place

Down Under students have worked with veterinarians, animal parks, and dog daycare centers. Expect insight into not only the animals, but also the locals you work with. These placements allow you to interact with all avenues of the local population.

Our animal park option is dependent on the season and availability. We have one park near our student housing and another that would require you to live away from the group after the orientation. Students work hands on with both the animals and the public. They may spend time in the petting zoo area showcasing domestic animals to child visitors. Or, things could get more exotic with the handling of Australian lizards or birds and demonstrations. 


The Park also houses an impressive butterfly garden. Duties in the garden include maintaining the plants; transferring pupas from incubation into the garden and introducing visitors to the different species. It’s not all Hollywood. Clean up is an important part of your duties so expect to clean some cages at the end of the day.

Vet placements provide an up close and personal look at all aspects of the practice from animal surgery and recovery to intake and customer service. Veterinarians are a “different breed” and this is a chance to find out if working with animals may be your calling.

You will assist in: reception, waiting room, laboratory, treatment room, kennels and grooming area. The full breadth of the job duties will depend in part on the intern’s experience.


It may be possible to assist with surgical operations including anesthetics, surgical scrubbing, shaving, inserting catheters, and other technical procedures. Post-surgery work includes rehabilitation and integrating animals back to their families.  

Dog daycare is one of our more popular placements. We work with top facilities and have had great feedback from students. Job duties include overseeing “the pack” – usually 7-14 dogs – in their resting area. Your job is to make sure they play nice and help settle the hyper dogs down and create a restorative environment. Walking the dogs is another aspect of the placement. Interns walk up to three dogs at a time around the block or to the park where they have play time.

If a groomer needs assistance, you will help prep the dog and hold him steady for the grooming procedure.

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