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  • Preparing the studio

  • Creating portfolios for clients

  • Behind the camera work

  • Marketing

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  • Social media

  • Print advertising

  • Hosting community events

  • Television advertising

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  • Go on tour

  • Take photographs and video

  • Interact with clients

  • Provide history of key site

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  • Group sessions

  • One-on-one mentoring

  • Supervising athletic activities

  • Classroom management

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  • Set up Studio

  • Appointment setting

  • Assist the manager

  • Oversee clients

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  • Animal welfare

  • Walking animals

  • Rehabilitation of animals

  • Veterinarian assistance

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Why New Zealand?

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With the sands of Mission Bay ten minutes from your housing, Auckland is a great place to get your beach on. Hip art museums, lantern festivals, a world-class music scene . . . weekends rock. And speaking of rocks, Auckland is a hotbed of volcanic activity with fifty peaks within an hour’s drive. Hop on a boat to Rangitoto Island and walk on some of the world’s newest land. Friday nights, join locals in a city park for “Silo Cinema.” Need an adventure? Catch a plane to snorkel the Bay of Islands or bungie jump in Queenstown. With daylight lingering until 9:00pm, there’s plenty of time to see the sites.

Why Australia?

Our students do it all: climb the famed Sydney Harbor Bridge; enjoy Broadway productions and concerts; explore the Jenolan caves; hike the rugged Blue Mountains; and take surf lessons at Manly Beach. After work, they hop on ferries at nearby Darling Harbor and dine at exotic waterside restaurants. Long weekends see them board planes and dive the Great Barrier Reef or explore the hipster culture in Melbourne. With over two-hundred-and-fifty languages spoken within Sydney, some find their backyards exotic enough to stay put.

Student in Sydney


In both Auckland and Sydney, housing will be central to attractions and allow students for easy access to bus and train routes.  Standard housing will be two per room (same gender) with the option to upgrade to a single room if requested. Check out our apartments.

Sydney Commute


Typical commute will be by bus or light rail.  The average commute will be around 25 minutes with some as short as 10 minutes and others a maximum of 50 minutes.  As internship hosts will be located throughout the city, commuting will be a necessary part of the program that allows us to have communal housing.



Intern Down Under celebrates the best of Auckland and Sydney with a five day orientation in both locations.. We take students to the wild corners: from remote beaches to mountain trails. Learn about the Aboriginals and the Maori people who first roamed these lands. Discover wildlife unique to the Pacific.  See the sites we visit.

Meet Natasha!


Hi Guys!


I’m Natasha from New York. My background is in advertising and design and interning with IGS allowed me to apply my skills while fulfilling my Australia dream. I learned some amazing history during my research. And, the best part was getting out to see the sites! Inspired by what I saw, I organized my impressions to help you get an idea of all that you can explore while here. Sydney is a place unlike any other: full of unique suburbs, quirky city blocks, and truly diverse natural environments! One day I started my research surrounded by skyscrapers and ten minutes later I was on a white sand beach! My Sydney experience with IGS was wonderful and Intern Down Under is going to be a blast!


*Bonding at Bondi Beach *A Day at The Gallery *Bridge of Wonders *Surreal Sealife Aquarium